I am eighty years old (in 2016) and I’ve had a passion for
slingshots all my life. When I was a kid, I was rarely without
my tree-fork slingshot. Whether I was sent out to bring the
cows home for evening milking or going over to the
neighbors for a dozen eggs, I always had my beloved
slingshot with me. I couldn’t walk in the woods without
scanning the trees looking for a suitable fork to make yet
another slingshot (I find myself still doing that). I couldn’t
walk down a road without constantly scanning for round
stones suitable for ammunition (all the local roads were
gravel at that time).
I love the shooting sports. I have several rifles, shotguns, and
pistols but rarely do I ever shoot any of them. My slingshots
are another story; I now practice target shooting, with my
slingshots, at every opportunity. During the middle part of
my life I went many years without shooting a slingshot
because of other interest (pocket billiards) and obligations
(making a living). Looking back, I regret not making room in
my life for slingshot shooting during that period.
By profession I was a Hydrologist. I spent my entire career
working for the U.S. Geological Survey. During that time I
authored twenty-five Professional Papers and Open-File
papers. After retiring, I wrote four very successful books on
pocket billiards.