The forks on the Alley Cat are constructed from 0.25 inch thick
and 0.75 inch wide polished aluminum. The wooden core has
finger grooves to provide a stable grip.


Either tubular or flat bands can be used providing the bands are
doubled or pseudo-tapered.

A – Looped bands
B – Pseudo-tapered tubes
C –Pseudo-tapered flat bands

To install the bands:

       Roll the neoprene O-ring away from the insertion slot in the
fork. (Blow on the fork to provide a little moisture to make rolling
the O-ring easier.)
        Stretch the latex band (to make it thinner) then insert it
into the hole in the fork through the insertion slot. (Either flat or
tubular bands can be used.)
        Roll the O-ring back over the slot.

Holding the slingshot:

The Alley Cat was designed to be held using the “Hook-Hook”
holding technique (both the thumb and index finger are hooked
over the finger pegs). The Hook-Push (hook with index finger and
push with thumb) may also be used providing the finger pegs are
adjusted for that holding style. The neoprene finger pegs can be
attached to any of three holes in the fork to accommodate
different hand sizes, shooting styles, or handedness. To customize,
start by attaching the finger pegs in the center holes and shoot a
few shots. Keep shooting and adjusting each peg until the most
comfortable position is found for each peg. The finger pegs need
not be symmetrical, for example, the index finger peg may be
installed higher than the thumb peg. When the most comfortable
and effective position is found, tighten the pegs securely with a
screw driver.

The ALLEY CAT is shipped
with two sets of bands for
$59.00  (USD) plus $7.00 (USD)
Shipping (Priority mail)
U.S. orders only)

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