Jack H. Koehler
I was borne (in 1936) and raised in the backwoods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
After high school I spent four years in the U.S. Air Force. Following my stint in the
Air Force I worked at a variety of jobs while pursuing my education.

During my first career I authored more than twenty published scientific reports.
That experience prepared me well for my second career (and first love) of writing
books about pocket billiards. I have loved the game of pool since my first exposure
to it when I was about ten years old (I’m now over sixty). I love being able to
write about a subject that is so dear to me.

My books on pool are the result of over forty years of observation, participation,
and experimentation. In my books I tried to focus on scientific reasoning as
opposed to unverified opinion in developing and explaining the concepts of pool.
Although scientific principals are followed, the books are written in easy to
understand layman’s terms.