The design of the BEAVER was inspired by an event that occurred some time
ago. My elderly aunt (eighty something) was visiting and the conversation turned
to slingshots. She wanted to experience shooting a slingshot. After giving her the
obligatory precautionary instructions she proceeded to shoot for about thirty
minutes. Like most first time shooters she had great fun and thoroughly enjoyed
the experience. While she was having fun I anxiously feared she might
experience a painful hand strike because of her frail shooting technique. She
survived but because of that experience I subsequently designed a safer slingshot
that I call the BEAVER. The BEAVER slingshot incorporates an enlarged
beavertail that shields a large portion of the hand from being struck by the
projectile. Now, I do not allow the very young, very old, or the inexperienced to
shoot any of my slingshots except the BEAVER.
The BEAVER was designed and handcrafted by Jack Koehler the author of

– Slingshots are inherently dangerous, even with the added
protection of the enlarged beavertail, injury accidents could still occur.

The wood core is made from birds-eye maple lumber. Some handles have bird’s
eyes (or are figured) and some are plain. (To view a photo of the variations of
the wood handles press
HERE.) The wood core is finished with four coats of
polyurethane. Each of the slingshots has a serial number printed on the wood
under the metal handle; they will be sold in numerical order.

The forks are made of 0.25 inch by 0.75 inch aluminum. The forks are attached
to the wood core with two recessed ¼ inch barrel bolts. The distance between
the forks is about 3 ½ inches. The beaver tail is made of 0.125 inch aluminum.
The bottom side of the forks and beavertail is lined with foam rubber.

The BEAVER uses the “insertion slot” system for attaching the bands to the
forks. With this system the band is stretched (to make it thinner) then slipped
through a small slot and into a round hole in the fork. One of the advantages of
this type of attachment system is that the bands can be installed  quickly. This in
turn allows the shooter to go from light target shooting bands to strong hunting
bands (and heaver ammo) very quickly if the need arises. Another advantage is
that a set of bands can be installed, tested, then removed and stored for future use.

The BEAVER is designed to be held using the pistol (hammer) grip. The "finger
braced" holding system cannot be used with this slingshot.
AS A SAFETY PRECAUTION: Even if you shoot exclusively with the finger
brace holding technique, you should consider having a BEAVER available for
when inexperienced friends or neighbors want to join you in your shooting fun.

A sight is not provided with the BEAVER because a sight type and location is
different for every shooter. However, a hole in the fork is provided to make it
easier for the individual to attach a sight if desired.

Either tubular or flat bands can be used providing the bands are doubled or

A – Looped bands
B – Pseudo-tapered tubes
C –Pseudo-tapered flat bands

The BEAVER is shipped
with two sets of bands for
$59.00  (USD) plus $7.00 (USD)
Shipping (Priority mail)

SORRY, U.S. orders only)

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Open and closed slot. After the band is installed
the slot is closed with a small piece of latex tubing.
Pistol grip.
The hole in the fork allows for a sight (or reference) to be
installed. As shown here a small length of flat latex is strung
through the hole.
For more about pseudo-tapered bands and tapered flat bands