If your back becomes aggrevated due to lifting or
carrying heavy objects, the BELT BENCH may
help minimize or alleviate the problem.
When carrying something with the hands and arms all the
weight is transferred to spinal column. Even if a shoulder
strap or sling is used the weight still gets transferred to the
spinal column. If there are abnormalities in the bones or
disks in the back, back pain will more than likely result. The
problem is sometimes hard to diagnose because back pain is
usually not immediate, it manifest itself hours or sometimes
days after the heavy lifting occurs.
Some back problems can be alleviated by
using the BELT BENCH.
When carrying something with the BELT BENCH the weight of
the load is carried by the hips and legs thereby circumventing
the spinal column thus avoiding backbone problems.
hooks over the belt.
The heavy object is set
on the outward
extending bench.
I invented the BELT
BENCH because my
back became sore every
time I carried a heavy
box of books (I sell and
ship several books that I
The BELT BENCH comes in handy
for carrying more than just books:
Carrying a tool box full
of tools.
A belt sander I bought at
an auction and had to
carry about a quarter
mile back to my truck. I
usually wear two BELT
BENCHES when I don’t
know exactly what I will
be carrying.
Football weekend.
NO, NO, do not hang a
pail or bucket on the
geometry of the handle is
such that it tries to pull
itself off the bench. If it
is hooked behind the
neoprene pad it will have
a tendency to try to strip
off the pad.
Big brown box of
backbone belt benches. I
have a large inventory of
tooling to produce more
if necessary.
The BELT BENCH is constructed
of one eighth inch thick 304
stainless steel and therefore
should last a lifetime.
The BELT BENCH is priced at $19.50 (USD)
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