In order to maximize the efficiency of the Flat Cat Pro a new type of
band configuration is incorporated. I call the bands “pseudo-tapered”
bands. [One end of the band is attached to the pouch and the other end
threads through the fork then doubles back and is attached to itself
between the fork and pouch.] It is a well established fact that tapered
bands (larger at the fork than at the pouch) are more efficient than
straight-cut bands. If you cut your own flat bands it is not difficult to
cut them with a taper. However, if you want tapered tubes it would be
very difficult to make them yourself. The efficiency of the pseudo-
tapered tubes is much greater than non-tapered tubes and approaches
the efficiency of flat bands.
A” Pseudo-tapered 107 office rubber bands. “B” pseudo-tapered straight-cut
latex bands. “C” pseudo-tapered tube bands. “D” same as “C” with a small band
restricting the width of the loop.
The hole in the fork allows for a sight (or reference) to be installed.
As shown here a small length of flat latex is strung through the hole.
Click HERE to view test results of the pseudo-tapered bands.

HERE for more about suitable bands for the Flat Cat slingshots.
The FLAT CAT PRO slingshot is revolutionary new type of slingshot
designed specifically to allow the use of either tube-type bands or flat
bands. Many shooters prefer to use tube-type bands because they last
longer than flat bands. Other shooters prefer to use flat bands because
they are more efficient (greater speed with a given pull force) than tubes.
The Flat Cat Pro is designed to be held using the pistol (hammer) grip.
The "finger braced" holding system is not practical with this slingshot.
Hammer grip.
The Flat Cat Pro uses the “insertion slot” system for attaching the bands
to the forks. With this system the band is stretched (to make it thinner)
then slipped through a small slot and into a round hole in the fork. One
of the advantages of this type of attachment system is that the bands
can be installed in a matter of seconds. This in turn allows the shooter
to go from light target shooting bands to strong hunting bands (and
heaver ammo) very quickly if the need arises.
Open and closed slot. After the band is installed
the slot is closed with a small piece of latex tubing.
Two types of flat band attachment techniques.
The Flat Cat Pro is constructed from 304 stainless steel (sanded but not
polished) with a maple wood core. It also incorporates a “beavertail” made
of polished aluminum. The beavertail was made famous by its
incorporation on the 1911 45 caliber colt pistol. It helps make the holding
position consistent and secure. In addition, the Flat Cat Pro incorporates
finger grooves and a palm swell.The distance between the forks is 4
inches (10 centimeters). With tubes installed it weighs 7.7 ounces (0.22
kilograms). The wood core is finished with four coats of polyurethane.
The forks are attached to the wood core with two recessed ¼ inch barrel