Recently someone expressed concern about the integrity of having just one bolt
holding the fork to the frame of the King Cat. I consider this a legitimate
concern. I had tested the King Cat with bands having a 30 pound pull and had
no problems. But the question made me wonder what the safe maximum pull
weight would be for the King Cat.

On Aug. 10, 2010 I conducted a test. I selected King Cat serial number 41 for
the test (I had just shipped number 40 out that morning) and 41 was the next in
line (a sort of random selection). I hung the King Cat from a 2 X 4  wooden
plank. I attached a 34 inches long (simulating an average pull distance) nylon
web onto the forks. At the end of the webbing I hung a scale and bucket that I
could load with sand to produce the desired amount of pull. I started with 20
pounds and progressively increased the weight. At about 70 pounds the bucket
was full and still no damage to the fork or slingshot. To increase the weight still
more I added a chunk of metal railroad track to the bucket. At that time the total
hanging weight on the forks came to 103 pounds and still no visible problems.
At that point I ended the test, disassembled the apparatus, and examined the
slingshot for any damage. There was no cracking or splitting of the wood. The
fork was not bent and actually looked in brand new condition. In short, there
was no sign of stress at all.

I am now confident that the King Cat is as strong or stronger than most any other
slingshot on the market.
Photo of the forks with
103 pounds of
hanging weight