The dominant eye is the eye that is in charge of reporting vision to the brain.
(The dominant eye looks directly at an object; the non-dominant eye looks at
an object from the side.) Even though most people have a dominant eye, it is of
little consequence in normal everyday living. However, dominant eye is an
important consideration when we aim. When given a choice, we all prefer to
aim with our dominant eye.

Note: To find your dominant eye, point your finger at a distant object.
Alternately close one eye then the other, whichever eye maintains the
alignment of your finger and the object, is your dominant eye.

Most people, that have a dominant eye, have the same handedness. That is,
right-handed people are generally right-eye dominant and left-handed people
are generally left-eye dominant. This makes it easy for shooters to hold the
pouch with their dominant hand near their dominant eye and use the bands and
sling as a reference when aiming.