Information about slingshot shooting is generally handed down from father to son or
daughter, or, is gotten from neighbors or other acquaintances. This type of hand-me-
down information is good but it is usually vague, inadequate, or possibly even down-
right erroneous. But now, for the first time, there is a book (SLINGSHOT
SHOOTING) that presents all the information you will need to go from a beginner to
an accomplished slingshot shooter.
The subject of safety is emphasized through out the book. Without emphasis on safety
the sport of slingshot shooting could wither and die. Slingshot design and construction is
discussed so that the beginner can decide what to look for when buying a slingshot or
what to incorporate when building one from scratch.
Aiming and shooting techniques are discussed in detail. Shooting accuracy can be
inhibited for life if incorrect techniques are used when a person first starts shooting.
Should you hold the slingshot in your right or left hand? What is an anchor point, or
cant angle? It’s all in the book.
In addition to the above, many other subjects are discussed.  
Target systems --
designed so that the ammunition can be retrieved and used over and over again.
Ammunition -- what are the modern day shooters using for ammunition? How much
practice time is required to become a good shooter? And, what is involved in using
your shooting skills for
tournaments and for hunting? It’s in the book.