POOL & BILLIARD MAGAZINE, December 1989 by Thomas C. Shaw
“The Science of Pocket Billiards covers an incredible amount of ground. Not only do you get the
fundamentals, you also get advanced insights and nuances.” “Particularly impressive is the way The
Science of Pocket Billiards seems to cover all the details. Though the vast majority of the book is
instructional there are a few paragraphs (just enough) on other factors that effect play: right brain - left
brain operation, foods to avoid before a match, choking, analysis of motivation, and sharking.”

BILLIARDS BY-LINE, October 1989 by Alan Keliher
“The Science of Pocket Billiards covers the entire spectrum from basics to the most advanced concepts.
There are 33 photographs and 277 illustrations to help clarify material presented. The occasional player
can skim through the book and learn enough for a lifetime of casual play, while an avid pool player can
study this book for months or even years and continue to gain knowledge. This book is most thorough
and will be read and reread for years to come.”

ON THE SNAP MAGAZINE, November 1989 by Lynn Hall
“Well, hold on to your hats! “The Science of Pocket Billiards” is now on sale. I've been reviewing this
book for a while and have come to the conclusion that it is definitely THE BOOK to buy.” “This is the best
book I have ever read on the subject of pool as it explains things in a way I can believe in. Buy it in
hardback as you will be going through it over and over again.”

BILLIARDS DIGEST, December 1989 by Robert Byrne
“... purchasers will get a large tome full of information that has never been written about at such length.”
“The Science of Pocket Billiards is a fine and useful piece of work ...” “Nothing like it is available in any
language.” “... it is a welcome addition to the literature of the game and belongs on your shelf.”

POOL & BILLIARD MAGAZINE, August 1990 by Thomas C. Shaw
“The excellent and unique book by Jack Koehler, called “The Science of Pocket Billiards,” is an example
of the new, finely detailed “secrets” book.”

BILLIARDS DIGEST, Feb. 1992 by Mike Shamos
“I have no hesitation in asserting that his (Koehler’s) contribution to billiards, backed up as it is with
empirical data, is monumental. If we don't take him seriously, there's a real risk his valuable discoveries
will be forgotten for another century.”

CUE & NEWS, September 1992 by Joe Waldron
“From intermediate to advanced professional, Koehler provides information that is invaluable.” “The
reader comes away with the impression that this is solid factual information, not just another opinion from
someone who plays well but can not teach.” “If you want the most out of the game, based on factual
information, Jack Koehler has written a text that is required reading.”

BILLIARDS TABLE TALK, January 1992 by Dave Keaggy
“About one year ago I read a classified ad touting a new book on pool, “The Science of Pocket billiards”
by Jack Koehler. I ordered the book and received an autographed copy within a week. A year later I still
could not put it down after re-reading portions numerous times. I finally had a book that held nothing
back, exposed some of the myths on pool and used a scientific approach to getting at the facts.”

POOL & BILLIARDS MAGAZINE, August 1994 by Thomas C. Shaw
“Subjectively and, I hope, objectively, I think “The Science of Pocket Billiards” by Jack Koehler is the

E-mail:  To Jack Koehler:
WHAT A GREAT BOOK! I ordered "The Science of Pocket Billiards" from you recently, and it was waiting
for me when I got back from vacation last week. I'm only about halfway through but I already understand
many things I had questions about, and also many things that hadn't yet occurred to me to wonder about.
I appreciate your analytical approach, your clear explanations, and your enjoyable writing style. I've
skimmed "Amateur Physics for the Amateur Pool Player" by Ron Shepard, which is interesting but less
useful for a pool player because of its emphasis on equations. Your book provides qualitative detail on
the underlying forces, data regarding the magnitude of the effects, and plenty of information about the
application of this knowledge. It's rare to find a book on any topic which is as satisfying as this one.
Thank you for writing and publishing it. I'm having a blast reading it and feel extremely happy about
learning so much.
Kaius Helenurm

E-mail: Dear Mr. Koehler,
I to am over 60 (I can't believe it) and knew I had found the holy grail of pool books when I found the
Science of Pocket Billiards. What an easy read. I often just flip to a page and I never fail to get insight
and information that is continuing to improve my game. Thanks a lot! Hope to meet you someday and
maybe shoot a rack or two. If your ever down in Chicago give me a call. 847-XXX XXXX
Thanks Again & Best Regards,
Ralph Sandstrom